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Here you will find all the latest news from around the club and the region...


New Training Officer...


David Lowe recently announced to the committee that he was stepping down as Training Officer with immediate effect so that he could concentrate on his new business and family.


This role is pivotal in ensuring that training continues in line with our tradition of being a very active and self supporting training club. As such in his role of  Diving Officer Andy Hugget has appointed Jonny Bemrose as Training officer with immediate effect.


Jonny has previously been a training officer for another club and brings all of that experience with him.


We wish Jonny all the best in his new role. Please offer him your help and support in keeping the club and its trainees moving forwards.


Clubhouse & Training night...


GLL, the company that runs the leisure centre have recently contacted us advising that they may want to move our club evening from Monday to Friday.


A few of our members, including Wilf Tanser who was chairman at the time have experience of trying to run on a Firday evening, and it is far from ideal, for many reasons!


We are in regular discussion with the centre, and the management company, and at this time I am assured that there will be no change before the end of March. I do suspect however that there will be a change in the future, but I have asked that they consider that Wedneday and Friday would be far from ideal for us!


Below is a brief update of some of the points raised at the BSAC diving conference in October.


1. New diver grade below Ocean Diver called Discover Scuba


2. New Ocean Diver course for 2017 roll out. New training materials and modular delivery method making it easier to teach.


3. Ditto for Sport Diver


4. Instructor Manual no longer to be issued on CD. From next month, can be downloaded online. Amendments will be swiftly updated and instructors informed.


5. HQ looking at an Annual Rescue skills review recommendation for all BSAC divers following evidence from incident reports submitted by all UK diving agencies.


6. New membership online portal. Easier to add members and to retrieve info on membership.


7. The main BSAC website to be overhauled and relaunched in 2017.


8. EN250A - reminder of changes. More detail online.


9. Changes to cylinder inspection regime - visual inspection annually. Despite challenges from the UK, it's likely that changes in law will go ahead. Further meetings and another world wide vote in 2017. More info online.


10. Finally, a reminder of changes to diving law in Malta since 2012. This affects Ocean Divers and Sports Divers who have yet to progress dive depth to beyond 30M. Plus ALL those over 60 years of age MUST have a medical before diving no matter your agency or grade. Again more detail online as it is a bit complicated to post it all here. See